Construction, Plumbing, & Tools Rental

Here at Waupaca Equipment Rental Center, we want to make sure all your tools rental needs are met. Whether you are a homeowner or a contractor we have clean, professional, good condition equipment for all of your projects. Take a look at our products list below or stop in and see Mark today!

Dry Wall, Paint, & Wallpaper

Description1/2 DayDaily
Drywall Lift 9'N/A$30
Drywall Lift 12'N/A$35
Drywall Screw GunN/A$20
Paint Sprayer (Oil)$50$75
Paint Sprayer Airless Laytex$45$65
Texture Sprayer$25$40
Texture Sprayer Hopper OnlyN/A$10
Wall Paper Streamer$25$35

Generators & Pressure Washers

Description1/2 DayDaily
Generator 1000 Watt$20$30
Generator 1500 Watt$30$40
Generator 2200 Watt$30$40
Generator 5000 Watt$35$50
Pressure Washer 2700 PSI$30$50
Pressure Washer 4000 PSI$40$60
Pressure Washer Electric 1700 PSI$30$50


Description1/2 DayDaily
17" Floor Buffer$35$50
Carpet CleanerN/A$35
Carpet Knee KickerN/A$10
Carpet Power Stretcher$20$35
Carpet Stapler / Tracker ELN/A$5
Carpet Steamer IronN/A$15
Carpet Steaming IronN/A$15
Chisel Scaler Air$30$50
Floor 12 x 18 Orbital Sander$40$60
Floor 4 Head Sander$40$60
Floor Drum Sander$40$60
Floor Edger$20$30
Floor Nailer / Pora Nailer$20$30
Floor Stapler$20$30
Floor Stripper Electric$30$50
Linoleum Roller 100#N/A$15
Tile SawN/A$25
Tile Saw - Slide Table$20$40


Description1/2 DayDaily
12' Screed$50$70
24" Finishing BroomN/A$5
Bull FloatN/A$25
Cement Mixer$20$30
Compactor 4000 Plate$40$60
Compactor Hand TampN/A$5
Compactor Plate Mini$30$40
Concrete MixerN/A$35
Concrete VibratorN/A$30
Concrete Saw / Gas$50$75
Concrete Saw / Electric$60$80
Concrete Saw / Walk Behind$60$80
Hand ToolsN/A$10
Jack Hammer Electric$35$60
Tile Paver Saw$50$70
Transit / OpticalN/A$25
Trowler 36"$60$90

Post Hole Diggers

Description1/2 DayDaily
2' Auger Attachment: Auger Sizes 6", 8" 10" 12"N/A$20
Bobcat Auger Attachment: Auger Sizes 9", 12", 18", 24"$50$80
Post Hole Digger (1 Man)$50$75
Post Hole Digger (2 Man)$30$45
Post Hole Digger 3 Point$50$75
Post Hole Digger Clam ShellN/A$5
T-Post DriverN/A$5


Description1/2 DayDaily
2" Clear Water Pump$25$40
2" Trash Pump$30$50
Drain Drill Snake 25'$20$30
Drain Sewer 100'$45$60
Drain Sewer 50'$30$40
Pipe Threader Die w/HandleN/A$15
Pump 2" Sub Electric$25$35
Pump 3/4" Sub ElectricN/A$20
Pump WaterbedN/A$10
Well Point DriveN/A$15


Description1/2 DayDaily
Nailer Finish 16 Ga / Air$15$25
Nailer Finish / Impulse$20$30
Nailer Framing / Air$20$30
Nailer Framing / Impulse$20$30
Nailer Hardi Plank / AirN/A$30
Nailer Low Vel  22 CalN/A$10
Nailer Positive PlacementN/A$30
Nailer Roofing / Air$20$30


Description1/2 DayDaily
Diamond Core Bit 2", 2 ½", 3"N/A$15
Diamond Core Bit 4", 5", 6"N/A$25
Drill ½" Right Angle$15$25
Drill Right Angle SmallN/A$15
Hammer Drill ½"N/A$20
Hammer Rotary Demolition$30$40
Screw Drive DrillN/A$20


Description1/2 DayDaily
Stapler ½" Sheeting / Air$20$30
Stapler Soffit / Underlayment / Air$15$25


Description1/2 DayDaily
Hole Saw$10N/A
Jamb Saw$20$35
Saw 16" Circular$25$40
Saw 7 ¼ CircularN/A$10
Saw Compound Mitre 10"$30$45
Saw JigsawN/A$10
Toe Kick$20$35

Hand Tools

Description1/2 DayDaily
200' TapeN/A$5
Bolt CutterN/A$5
Extension CordN/A$5
Fish TapeN/A$10
Grinder 4½"N/A$20
Grinder 9"N/A$25
Hammer TackerN/A$10
Heat GunN/A$10
Metal DetectorN/A$15
Pex Crimping Tool$15$25
Sander 4 x 24 BeltN/A$15
Sander Orbital PalmN/A$15
Shear Curve Cut /Fiber CementN/A$20
Shear Sheet Metal 18 GaN/A$20
Shear Straight Cut/Fiber CementN/A$20


Description1/2 DayDaily
Roof JacksN/A$3
Shingle Stripper$40$80